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Translational biomarkers

Equip yourself with strategic tools with tremendous potential for innovation in precision medicine

Biomarkers are indicators of the efficacy and toxicity of drug candidates as well of the state of the disease. They can also be used to select patients when designing clinical trials.

Our advanced knowledge and experience enables us to support you with your efforts to identify early-stage biomarkers (cellular biomarkers), related analysis, and their ongoing use during your drug candidate’s development phases.

We can support you with designing and implementing the radionuclide labelling of your chemical or biological molecules of interest. Our radiochemical labs have accreditation to handle all the isotopes used in imaging and nuclear therapeutics, and they are able to produce batches for preclinical and clinical use. The first radiotracer of Oncodesign is developed in partnership with Cyclopharma. This radiotracer is currently tested in clinical phase.

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