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Proof of concept - Pharmacology

Oncodesign’s expertise in in vitro and in vivo pharmacology can accelerate the proof of concept stage for the treatments of the future

Our expertise lies in combining a pharmaco-imaging approach with relevant in vitro and in vivo experimental models to establish the molecule’s pharmacological and immunological profile prior to administration to humans.

Oncology is a powerful vector of knowledge that allows us to apply our innovation to new therapeutic areas. Today, our technologies are translational and encompass the development of relevant new models in immuno-oncology, inflammatory diseases, cutaneous, pulmonary, hepatic, renal and autoimmune inflammatory diseases and metabolic disorder as well as obesity models.

Oncodesign’s teams will provide you with advice, study designs, the most appropriate assessment and development solutions for your inquiries and innovative research projects, and high-quality completion in an environment compliant with the R&D pharmaceutical standards:

  • Selection and/or development of relevant in vitro and in vivo models
  • Formulation for in vivo administration,
  • Pharmacokinetic profiling and identification of pharmacodynamic biomarkers,
  • DMPK,
  • Optimization of assays and administration timelines,
  • In vivo translational pharmaco-imaging,
  • Evaluation of the efficacy and resistance to therapeutic molecules, alone or in a combination

We build close long-term relationships with our customers and pay particular attention to the rapidity, reliability and efficiency of our processes.

Oncodesign invests continually in the development of relevant and innovative new pathological models. These developments can be conducted as part of a partnership with our customers.

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