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Different imaging approaches to show how your compound works and targets the right patient

Monitoring the drug for better predictive efficacy

Through pharmaco-imaging, the results of preclinical studies can influence the early decision to continue or interrupt the development of a drug candidate. In the clinical development phase, imaging offers an exceptional opportunity to follow the drug in humans with the same techniques developed during the preclinical phase. Novel therapies are converging towards precision medicine, for which pharmaco-imaging is indispensable to all players in the drug development cycle – from the pharmaceutical industry to clinicians – to ensure that the most appropriate treatments are being matched to the needs of the patient. Imaging biomarkers are key to ensure the adequacy between the chosen treatments and the pathology of patients.

Offerings throughout the drug development process

 PHARMACO-IMAGING / Offerings throughout the drug development process

Non-invasive techniques to complete both biodistribution studies & biomarker assessment.

We have a full panel of technologies that enable us to understand the pharmacology of your compound (New Chemical Entities – NCE or biologics) within less than 6 months.
It comprises a portfolio of functional and molecular imaging technologies (MRI, PET, SPECT, CT). The nuclear imaging platform has ready access to cyclotron (Fluor-18) and radiochemistry laboratory to offer state-of-the-art radiolabeling technologies for small molecules, peptides or antibodies.

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Examples of questions we can answer:

  1. Is the target expressed? (diagnosis of the disease, heterogeneity of expression of the target, distribution of the target in a metastatic cancer, CNS, cardiology, etc.)
  2. Has the drug reached the target? (pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, passage across the blood brain barrier, etc.)
  3. Is the target inhibited/activated, triggering biochemical and biological changes?
(pharmacodynamics, immuno-monitoring, optimum biological dose, etc.)
  4. Is there any evidence of toxicity and/or potential drug interactions?
 (security, study of drug combinations, metabolism, etc.)
  5. Are these changes related to a clinical parameter? (efficacy of a new therapy, monitoring of the immune response, emergence of the resistance phenomenon etc.)
  6. Can sub-populations of patients responding be determined? (translational biomarker, monitoring of tumor heterogeneity, immuno-monitoring)
  7. How to evalauate a Targeted Radionuclide Therapy for optimal efficacy in tumor model and translation to clinic? (dose, specific activity regimen, and combination)

A solid network to better serve you

Oncodesign is a member of Pharm'image, a regional pharmaco-imaging center of excellence unique in France for the evaluation of biomarkers and targeted radiotherapy. Pharm’image aims to deploy cutting-edge medical imaging technologies to evaluate biomarkers that can be used to track treatment efficacy and select the active and most promising drug candidates.

Oncodesign is also a founder member of IDMIT, “Infectious Disease Models and Innovative Therapies”, a national Research and Technological infrastructure for biology and health dedicated to preclinical research on infectious diseases. Oncodesign has thus access to diverse cell and animal models and immunomonitoring solutions for evaluating the efficacy of biodistribution and/or the safety of new therapeutic approaches.

Preclinical evaluation of systemic targeted radiotherapy (sTRT) and Theranostic

Oncodesign proposes a complete offer to validate new theranostic in preclinical cancer models including bioconjugation and radiochemistry, compound target binding in tissue by autoradiography, in vivo radiolabeled compound biodistribution, tolerance and activity based on single or fractioned treatment doses. In parallel, the validation of the companion imaging diagnostic is performed to ensure the full benefit of theranostic approach in precision medicine.

Offering from radiochemistry to first-in-man administration

TARGETED RADIOTHERAPY / offering from radiochemistry to first-in-man administration

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