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Drug discovery strategic alliance

How to guide you & shorten time from discovery to IND

As drug hunters are increasingly dealing with more complex and challenging small molecules or Biologics, there is a greater focus on early stage work to increase the chances of project success and promote stronger drug candidates. While it can be difficult to predict every eventuality that may occur when bringing a drug candidate to clinic, it is possible to mitigate the risk of a promising molecule failure by adding additional expertise, capabilities and technologies to a project.

End-to-end strategic solution

Oncodesign proposes customized service offerings through the set-up of various project governance bodies and providing highly qualified personnel. The combination of its strengths generates flexibility and agility to meet your expectations of quality and time at each development milestone.

We present the entire scope of our know-how from strategic support to complete completion of your needs.

Infographie Strategic Development Alliance

Communication as a starting point to initiate any projects.

Infographie Communication DDSA EN

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