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The integrity of your biological samples is our priority

Oncodesign gives you access to the entire storage chain for biological samples in a 380sqm area equipped with appropriate high-end facilities. We handle your bio-specimens—infected or not—such as the active ingredient, blood, urine, plasma or DNA, right the way through from collection to analysis.

Sample collection

Working together with you and your teams, we establish the most suitable methods for preparing and transporting your samples to the analysis facilities.


Biological samples are stored in two biosecurity laboratories level2 & 3 with 380sqm. We can store up to 3 million samples (human, animal, plant, micro-organisms, biochemicals). We can guarantee that your bio-specimens are stored at 6 different temperatures (-135°C, -80°C, -20°C, and in liquid nitrogen).


The data generated from the sample analysis is essential for understanding the drug candidate’s mechanism of action.
We are able to handle the assays and interpret them for you. We are able to handle the vast majority of needs since we have a long-term experience in setting-up and validating assay method.

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