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Kinase inhibitor development programs

Because patients should not have to wait, join our kinase inhibitor research programs at very early stage

Oncodesign is the specialist in next-generation kinase inhibitors: they are more powerful and more selective, and they target difficult or almost unexplored kinases. Our Nanocyclix macrocyclization technology provides access to type 1 kinase inhibitors, which combine high strength and selectivity with a low molecular weight and highly attractive physical and chemical properties.


Our Probe-based Drug Discovery approach is underpinned by our Nanocyclix chemistry platform, which explores a tremendous variety of kinase inhibitor macrocycles. The powerful, specific and drug-like molecules are selected from this range and undergo probe qualification, which explores their therapeutic potential together with analysis of the literature and direct interaction with experts in these kinases. When relevant therapeutic assumptions can be made, a new research program is generated in the probe orientation phase, in which the molecule, its target and the combination’s therapeutic potential are validated in cellular tests close to the patient.

In the Probe to Lead phase, the molecules undergo a further selection stage after medicinal chemistry optimization of their structure, and the programs are prioritized according to their activity in in vivo models and their potential as drugs. The prioritized programs yielding positive results commence the lead optimization phase in which the molecules undergo an exhaustive series of biological tests, while in parallel continuing their rounds of medicinal chemistry optimization. At this stage, molecules are available for a co-development partnership.

At the end of the Lead Optimization phase, drug candidates are selected by Oncodesign and its co-development partners to start preclinical development and subsequent clinical development.

This chemical biology-based approach makes it possible to qualify rapidly the potential of our kinase targets by using active and selective Nanocyclix probes. It also helps to de-risk and select priority programs by using relevant chemistry in models closely resembling the patient.

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