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Select the best drug candidates and their biomarkers by harnessing our pharmacological expertise

The PREDICT® technology contains the Experimentation activity’s core scientific expertise. It is the product of over 20 years’ investment and experience, which have established Oncodesign’s international reputation. With PREDICT, you can tap its extensive knowledge of the benchmark immuno-oncology models, in cutaneous, pulmonary, hepatic, renal and autoimmune inflammatory diseases and metabolic disorder and obesity models.

PREDICT provides assurance that you are selecting the best drug candidates through its extensive panel of skills, assays and databases providing complete pharmacological and immunological characterization of your therapeutic molecules:

  • In vivo validation of a target: transgenic models,
  • Determination of a molecule’s therapeutic mechanism of action, enzymology, selectivity studies, structure-activity relationship (SAR), PK/PD, immuno-monitoring, ADME profile, in vitro pharmacology, ex vivo et in vivo, in a combination therapy: parenteral, oral administration, or by inhalation or by dermal route,
  • Early-stage evaluation of translational biomarkers in human tissue for preclinical and clinical trials, regulatory bioanalysis and biobanking,
  • Effective murine and primate models representing the relevant human disease for a broad spectrum of acute, subchronic and chronic therapeutic areas,
  • Investigation of the potential in new therapeutic indications or repositioning of a preclinical or clinical-stage drug candidate.

All our analyses are normalized, with reference drugs and positive controls for quality control. We have gained experience in the evaluation of drug candidates of very different natures and mechanisms of action—small molecules, antibodies, antibody derivatives, peptides and proteins, gene and cell therapies, vaccines, etc. within L2 and L3 animal houses, and the IDMIT primate model platform for infectious diseases.

Oncodesign invests continually in the development of relevant and innovative new pathological models. These developments can be conducted as part of a partnership with our customers.

Are you interested? Do you want to know more or receive our up-to-date list of models for a specific indication? Contact us today.