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Integrate our multi-modal pharmaco-imaging expertise with your preclinical and clinical projects

Oncodesign’s Pharmimage® technology is a pharmaco-imaging module designed to monitor the effect of therapies and identify translational efficacy biomarkers for precision medicine.

It encompasses multi-modal translational, optical (bioluminescence, fluorescence) or functional and molecular (MRI, PET, SPECT, CT scan, combined MRI/PET) imaging capacity suitable for small rodents and primates.

Pharmimage can be used to look for biomarkers throughout the body using non-invasive techniques:

  • Is the target expressed? (diagnosis of the disease, heterogeneity of expression of the target, distribution of the target in a metastatic cancer, CNS, cardiology, etc.)
  • Has the drug reached the target? (pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, passage across the hematoencephalic barrier, etc.)
  • Is the target inhibited/activated, triggering biochemical and biological changes?
    (pharmacodynamics, immuno-monitoring, optimum biological dose, etc.)
  • Is there any evidence of toxicity and/or potential drug interactions?
    (security, study of drug combinations, metabolism, etc.)
  • Are these changes related to a clinical parameter? (efficacy of a new therapy, monitoring of the immune response to a vaccine, emergence of the resistance phenomenon in precision medicine, etc.)
  • Can sub-populations of patients responding be determined? (translational biomarker)

We can support you with designing and implementing the radionuclide labeling of your chemical or biological molecules of interest. Our radiochemical labs have secured handling permits for all the isotopes used in imaging and nuclear therapeutics, and they are able to produce batches for preclinical and clinical use.

Pharmimage handles the translation between the preclinical and clinical phases, including at the Georges François Leclerc cancer research center and Dijon CHU university hospital.

Contact us today and have a look at Pharmimage’s and IDMIT’s web sites.