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Our values

The values to which we adhere form part and parcel of our DNA, our culture and our reputation. They serve all our communities and provide a solid platform supporting our employees as they strive to achieve our mission.
Our key values are:

Vitalite Oncodesign

VITALITY which means demonstrating considerable energy and drive, engaging in powerful and rewarding activities, which reflect the ability to develop and grow and to achieve results, adapt to changes intelligently, mirroring life itself.

  Rationality Oncodesign

RATIONAL APPROACH by acting consistently and logically, and by applying reason.

integrite Oncodesign INTEGRITY by behaving honestly and fairly, striving for zero defects by adopting the highest possible standards.   Solidarite Oncodesign SOLIDARITY by behaving responsibly and assisting each other in a reciprocal manner, by taking ownership of and joint responsibility for achieving individual and Group-wide objectives and delivering performance.
Ingeniosite Oncodesign L'INGENUITY by showing imagination, skill and expertise: be capable of devising new possibilities, designing solutions, having original and inventive ideas.      Join Us