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Potential: formulate new treatments

Oncodesign’s Experimentation activity aims to provide preclinical and clinical proof of concept for new treatments to help select effective drug candidates.

The integration of our Experimentation activity with our technologies is a powerful innovation driver:

  • T.O.T.: Streamline the choice of therapeutic orientation for your projects by qualifying in vitro the potential of your molecules and your targets,
  • PREDICT: Select the best drug candidates and their biomarkers by harnessing our pharmacological expertise,
  • Chi-Mice: Use our humanized models to reproduce the targeted pathology effectively: PDX, in vivo humanization of tissues from human stem cells,
  • Pharmimage: Integrate our multi-modal pharmaco-imaging expertise with your preclinical and clinical projects.

The Experimentation activity is accessible to our customers and partners via our service, partnership and licensing offerings. It can be combined with the Discovery activity to access Integrated Drug Discovery Services (IDDS).

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