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Knowledge: identifying is a big step towards solving puzzles

The role of Oncodesign’s Etiology activity is to identify and characterize the sub-populations of patients resistant to cancer treatments. Through its Etiology activities, Oncodesign aims to provide guidance to therapeutic specialists on how to treat a patient or to a pharmaceutical firm on how to develop new drugs and, ultimately, to reduce therapeutic failure rates.

It has made substantial investments in the development of the OncoSNIPE technology, the Etiology activity’s first technology. These will enrich Oncodesign’s service offering and partnerships:

  • Identification of populations resistant and/or unresponsive to treatments and caracterization of related therapeutic targets, to guide the discovery of new precision therapies in oncology
  • Data analytics services in connection with patient treatment, supporting the diagnostic assessment of resistant diseases for healthcare facilities
  • Data analytics services in connection with clinical trials targeting sub-populations of patients resistant to anti-cancer therapies.

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