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Investigation: the quest for efficacy

Oncodesign investigates new research pathways to discover innovative and effective drugs and biomarkers.

Oncodesign’s Discovery activity meets demand for molecule characterization, screening and configuration. It draws on Nanocyclix® medicinal chemistry technology, and the expertise of a group of medicinal chemists who have over 20 drug candidates to their name. 

Oncodesign guides its drug candidate optimization programs using a cutting-edge medicinal chemistry-based approach underpinned by rational design, physical chemistry, pharmacokinetics and metabolics:

  • Hit to lead and Lead to candidate optimization: oral, injectable and topical
  • Molecular modeling and computational chemistry
  • Synthesis of prodrugs and covalent inhibitors, fragment optimization
  • Chiral synthesis, biological chemistry and marking
  • Macrocyclization and Nanocyclix drug design
  • Medicinal chemistry of boron

Oncodesign delivers discovery programs for new drugs and biomarkers under a partnership or licensing arrangement, as well as Integrated Drug Discovery Services (IDDS).

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