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Our innovation model is a difference-maker

We set the direction for your innovation to promote Life.

For over 20 years, the solutions devised and implemented by Oncodesign have met demand for innovation in healthcare. Oncodesign identifies new pathways, establishes strategic connections to therapeutic innovation, and orients its own developments and those of its customers by means of a patient-centered approach.

Technological innovation lies at the heart of Oncodesign’s model: the strategic Etiology, Discovery and Experimentation activities designed and implemented by Oncodesign have contributed to a more effective approach to the phenomenon of innate and acquired resistance, more effective treatments and a reduction in therapeutic failures:

  • Etiology of the origins of diseases
  • Discovery of new therapeutic target/molecule combinations
  • Experimentation of new therapies.

This unique innovation model makes Oncodesign a full-fledged biopharmaceutical company capable of generating knowledge about patients and their diseases and choosing effective therapeutic solutions to orient at a very early stage its own research and that undertaken by its customers, via services, partnerships and licensing. Oncodesign does not see molecules as being good or bad since they all have their own specific potential, properties and targets determining how they are applied—only molecules that are not being used in the right way.

A broad platform consisting of technology modules supports the circular nature of the three strategic Etiology, Discovery and Experimentation activities. It possesses renowned expertise in pharmacology, biology, immunology, imaging, and medicinal chemistry, with artificial intelligence to be added shortly.

Do you want more information about us? Our vision, by Philippe Genne, Chairman and CEO.