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Kinase inhibitors in oncology, CNS and inflammation

Ground-breaking programs with tremendous potential

Kinases play a key role in regulating most cell functions, such as proliferation, cell cycle progression, metabolism, survival/apoptosis, repair of damaged DNA, motility and response to the micro-environment. Targeting the kinases—a family of over 500 proteins in the human genome—represents a major opportunity in over 400 therapeutic indications.

Owing to the great similarity between the kinases’ active sites, it is crucial to formulate new approaches to identify powerful and selective inhibitors. Using its Nanocyclix technology module, Oncodesign identifies molecules capable of inhibiting both known and unexplored kinases in a powerful and targeted manner.

In addition, owing to their small size (typically half that of a classic kinase inhibitor), the Nanocyclix inhibitors easily pass through the cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier (hematoencephalic barrier)–an attribute that can be problematic for non-macrocyclic inhibitors.

The Nanocyclix-kinase target molecule interaction is chiefly managed through shape recognition without any loss of entropic energy, facilitating flawless selectiveness even between very similar kinases belonging to sub-families.


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