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“Identify the innovation route, in accordance with life.”

Philippe Genne - Chairman & CEO

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Oncodesign is a modern biopharmaceutical company that keeps its finger on the pulse of unmet medical needs, connected to the planet and acts in complete freedom. Oncodesign is a vector for therapeutic innovation: its mission is to discover effective therapies for patients suffering from diseases with unmet medical needs. Patients lie at the heart of its thinking and its unique innovation model.

For over 20 years, we have been opening up new technological pathways for designing and selecting the best drug candidates. We are pioneers in translational medicine, from creating experimental new models through to the development of new approaches to assess the efficacy of treatments, such as pharmaco-imaging. From the outset, we have always endeavored to establish a continuum from the target through to patients to qualify the potential efficacy of new therapies.

We have targeted kinases, a family of key enzymes in maintaining cellular homeostasis, as numerous diseases occur through the dysregulation of kinases. We design powerful kinase inhibitors specific to each kinase, then we investigate the therapeutic potential of these small cyclic molecules. Harnessing our Nanocyclix technology, we have launched several promising Drug Discovery programs, both under partnerships and as proprietary developments.

We are currently working on identifying the sub-populations of patients resistant or unresponsive to therapies so that we can offer them effective treatments. We devise mathematical algorithms that can detect these patients from their clinical and biological data. This multidisciplinary approach can help to identify new targets playing a crucial role in overcoming resistance to treatments.

Leveraging our organic growth, we have accelerated our development by plugging gaps in our skill set and our technologies using our own financial resources through an IPO and complimentary acquisitions. These have included GSK’s research center in France and its specialized drug discovery teams, plus Bertin Pharma’s regulatory bioanalysis services arm. Our skill set now extends to oncology, immuno-inflammation, fibrosis, central nervous system, metabolism, cardiology and infectiology. Oncology is a powerful knowledge driver that allows us to apply our innovation to new therapeutic areas.

The leading businesses of the future will be those anticipating the needs arising from humanity’s sustainable development. Healthcare is an absolute necessity and not just a market. Human health is especially important on a planet where human activity does not jeopardize life. Our responsibility is to act in accordance with philosophical and scientific principles so that our technological and economic development does not upset the balance of living conditions and in fact benefits the greatest possible number without distinction.

Oncodesign’s culture is collaborative first and foremost because we will always be stronger together in our efforts to build the world for the generations to come. Oncodesign contributes to the advancement of healthcare in keeping with the current of humanist thinking in which the Economy promotes knowledge and progress, which in turn serve humankind and the planet. By definition, Life is smart. It adapts to its environment to ensure its continued development over time. As a visionary that respects the living world, Oncodesign aims to imbue its commitment to healthcare with meaning.

Reflecting this, Oncodesign’s core purpose is to set the direction for molecules, and to orient those who conduct research and development activities, administer and evaluate new therapies, by providing more effective systems and tools. We have naturally grown to become experts in precision medicine: to be effective, it’s crucial to know your target.

And so Oncodesign has placed orientation at the heart of its value proposition: “We give the heading to your innovation, to promote Life.”

Philippe Genne
Founder, Chairman and CEO