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Our mission

Discover innovative new therapies effective against cancer and serious illnesses with unmet medical needs

Founded in 1995, Oncodesign is a biopharmaceutical company that fills in the innovation gaps in the healthcare industry, based on its unique precision medicine platform. Technological innovation lies at the heart of Oncodesign’s model—the Etiology, Discovery and Experimentation activities designed and implemented by Oncodesign contribute to a more effective approach to the phenomenon of innate and acquired resistance, more effective treatments and a reduction in therapeutic failures.

Working alongside big pharma, biotech’s, public research institutions and investment groups, Oncodesign orients the research and development of new therapeutic and diagnostic tools. Through its range of services, partnerships and licensing programs, Oncodesign’s offering can meet the full range of innovation needs.

Oncodesign is listed on the Euronext Growth Paris market and possesses a stable ownership structure with a majority owner committed to its development.

Do you want more information about us? Our vision, by Philippe Genne, Chairman and CEO.