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Word from the Chairman

We aim to consolidate our international biopharma model so that we can step up the pace of top-line growth and the discovery of innovative therapies

philippe genne

Since our April 2014 IPO, we have accelerated our development and have become an international biopharma company specialized in precision medicine pursuing ambitious development objectives underpinned by acquisition-led growth and investments in innovative therapeutic research programs.

Acquisition of additional strong and unique skills

The recent acquisitions of GSK’s François Hyafil research center in Les Ulis (November 2016) and Bertin Pharma’s pharmaceutical industry services business (September 2017) brought us with additional skills, technologies, equipment and revenue that will help us to meet our growth objectives out to 2020.

Between 2014 and 2017, our headcount grew from 65 to 215 employees. This crucial task currently consists in building an efficient organization capable of handling this phase of rapid expansion.

A solid new growth-oriented organization

This new organization will be able to deal with the constraints stemming from our success and the deadlines associated with our partnerships and licensing arrangements. As a result, we firmly believe that our therapeutic and diagnostic development projects are set to boost our pace of expansion. 

Diversified revenue structure

Our strategy over the next three years to achieve our objectives is to secure growth in:

  • Business streams from services through a smart policy of organic growth and acquisitions and rapid international development through our new sales and marketing offerings. By expanding our sales and marketing offering focused originally on proof of concept in preclinical oncology to five additional new therapeutic areas and to the integrated drug discovery services (IDDS) market, we are now targeting a new $20 billion market.
  • Business streams from Partnerships around kinase inhibitors through the progress to phase III of clinical development of our radiotracer for mutated EGFR in the event of the success of the study currently in progress, the signature of early-stage new partnerships with major pharmaceutical labs and the development of our existing partnerships with UCB and Bristol-Myers Squibb.
  • Business streams from Licensing around our Drug Discovery projects based on next-generation kinase inhibitors at the drug candidate stage in oncology, autoimmune diseases and Parkinson’s disease.

A balanced business model aligning the interests of management with those of shareholders

Since it was founded in 1995, Oncodesign has grown around its balanced, pragmatic and effective business model:

  • Balanced since it combines the maturity and high-potential recurring revenue streams from partnerships and the sale of our next-generation kinase inhibitors
  • Pragmatic and effective since it is building unique technology worldwide through collaborative projects that have enabled it to keep a grip on its investments and self-finance its development to a great extent.

In keeping with the original entrepreneurial project, and, unusually for a biotech company, Oncodesign’s capital remains majority-owned by its founders and managers, keeping the interests of managers aligned with those of its long-term shareholders.

I would again like to thank sincerely all our shareholders and our employees for their support and the trust they have shown in us.

Philippe Genne
Founder, Chairman and CEO